Fitness Trampolines

Working out at home is a great option for many reasons. Investing in bulky, costly equipement can be a hindrance though. A fitness trampoline can be a solution for many people. They are great for doing cardio and strength training. Plus they can have the added benefit of increasing your stamina and balance.

There are a number of things to consider before you buy a fitness trampoline. Here are some of the things to consider.


An important factor to consider when buying a fitness trampoline is whether or not it can be moved around easily. If you have a devoted workout space then it might not be a consideration. Decide if you want a trampoline that will fold up for easy storage. Perhaps you will be taking your fitness trampoline out for a group exercise class. A carrying case may be a good investment for that. Also check for the overall weight of the trampoline to see if it something that you can easily pick up and carry.

Weight Limit

For safety and durability reasons, make sure that you fall under the trampoline’s weight limit.


Many fitness trampolines are made with a steel frame. Definitely research what the trampoline is made from. The rebounding surface may be held to the frame by steel springs or a bungee system. Make sure there is a pad that wraps around the frame and springs or bungee for safety.


Read through any reviews that have been by people that have used the fitness trampoline. What kind of activities are they doing on the trampoline? Are they happy with the overall quality and the workouts that they are getting on it? How is it holding up to regular use? Check to see if they mention how long they have owned it and how often they use it.

Also make sure to come back here and leave a review when you buy one.

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