Sky High Sports Houston

Sky High Sports Houston

Description: Jump sky high on the all trampoline floors and walls at this indoor trampoline park. There is also a foam pit for jumping into. They offer fitness classes, dodgeball, and birthday parties. You can purchase your tickets online. They also offer a special jump time for small kids that are 6-years-old and under once a week. Call for details.

Fitness Classes: Yes

Dodgeball Leagues: Yes

Kids Area: 

Birthday Parties: Yes

Address: 10510 Westview Drive, Houston, TX 77043


Phone Number: (713) 464-5867





This information was accurate at the time of posting. Please contact the facility directly to get the most up to date information.

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mark August 27, 2012 at 9:13 am

Great area for older kids ages from 10-18. Also as an adult you can enjoy the club by jumping around yourself because they allow alot of adults to jump around as well and its great cardio. So you will be having fun while getting in your GYM WORKOUT all at the same time.

NOW THE BAD…Customer service was horrible on the courts. Rude young audlts who i would have to say have to much power where they let it get to their heads. Example. one kid fell down wrong and sprained his ankle and one of the court helpers just yelled at the kid to get up instead of seeing if the kid had a problem. The court helpers would use profanity words when speaking to eachother and even one time toward a child =( sad america we live in today.

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