Sky High Sports Nashville TN

Description: This indoor trampoline park has 360 degrees of walled trampoline courts. Jump on their supervised trampolines that offer more give along with two inch safety pads that cover the springs and frames.  They offer fitness classes, dodgeball leagues, as well as pickup games and tournaments, birthday parties, and corporate events. There is a cafe. There is a special court for little jumpers making this perfect for all ages. You can order your tickets up to 2 days in advance online. They also offer a special Munchkin and Homeschool time once a week. Call for details.

Fitness Classes: Yes

Dodgeball Leagues: Yes

Kids Area: Yes

Birthday Parties: Yes

Address: 5270 Harding Place, Nashville, Tennessee 37217


Phone Number: 866-701-5867





This information was accurate at the time of posting. Please contact the facility directly to get the most up to date information.

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